Christmas 2012

I finally have some time to sit and take a moment to reflect on the past year.

It has been an amazing journey. Remodeling the cottage, fully moving into my role as Distribution Manager for The Paper Boy, an amazing happy healthy one and a half year old son, and new and old friends alike!

Mylo is an abundance of energy and every day helps me discover something exciting. It is so much fun to help him learn and watch him grow. We have been enjoying the past couple of weeks by sledding down the mound and playing in the snow. Gizmo has particularly loved the fluffy falling flakes.

We got the outside of the cottage sealed up for the winter. Spring should prove the problem areas are solved and then we can finish the outside this summer. Thanks to help from friends and family we were able to put on a new roof and were able to complete a lot of other work – like resetting windows. We also said goodbye to our 1950’s oven whose stove-top barely worked. Our home once again smells delicious!

Peninsula Publishing and Distribution has been celebrating success – 10 years of Door County Living in 2012, starting volume 19 of the Peninsula Pulse in 2013, and additional distribution by The Paper Boy. I love being part of such amazing group of people and look forward to the year ahead.

Welcome 2013!


Just as the stars have been glimmering with the cloudless nights, 2013 promises to sparkle with new opportunities and interesting adventures.

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