Fall fell fast upon Door County, as the leaves began changing color in September. It never ceases to amaze me how fast the time goes by. This summer was especially quick. Ryan and I spent most of the summer chasing Mylo around as he explored and discovered life’s wonders. In-between each of Mylo’s milestones and discoveries, we began renovations on the cottage next to our house. So far, we have the inside gutted, old siding removed and most of the outer repair is complete. While we are hoping for snow this year, we pray that is comes sometime in December (before Christmas) so that we are able to get the new siding on before the first snowfall. The temperature has been dropping but that has not stopped us from continuing to make progress on waterproofing the cottage, which had a lot of water damage from insufficient exterior walls and draining.

We are so glad to have our downstairs bathroom whirlpool tub. It has come in handy many nights after long days of working hard. It has also created a lot of laughter during Mylo’s bath time.

I know this post is short and it’s been a while since I’ve written one but I hope this brief description will explain where my time has been spent, which has not been on the computer. I promise to post again soon; I’ll even include a few pictures!


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