First Family Photo

Early Monday morning my water ruptured while I was sleeping and without my realizing it. I called the doctor once the office opened and, since I wasn’t having contractions, they told me to stay in bed and rest all day. I was to call if I started to contract, which I did not. That night I got the best night sleep I had gotten in six months but woke up feeling gassy. After the grogginess subsided, I realized that I was having contractions and started timing them – 7 to 9 minutes apart. I immediately called Labor & Delivery and spoke to a nurse who told me to come into the hospital. Ryan packed an overnight bag, which we had previously discussed but hadn’t yet done.

In half an hour we were on our way to the hospital with my contractions coming 5 to 7 minutes apart. I continued to breath through the contractions as we made the 30-minute drive to the hospital…the contractions got quicker and stronger. By the time we arrived my contractions were about 3 to 5 minutes apart. Ryan wheeled me up to the second floor into the Labor & Delivery department where we were directed to room 12. I put on a gown and tried to settle into the bed, which was a little hard to do with worsening contractions.

Hooray, I'm getting to be a big boy!

I continued to breathe through contractions as the doctor checked me…5cm, baby’s head really low. It was too late to stop labor or transport me to Green Bay. While I was happy to be able to deliver in Sturgeon Bay, it was still surreal that my baby was coming. We started talking about a c-section because the doctor was concerned that the baby was breech – despite my confident assurance that baby was head down and had been for some time. She confirmed that baby was head down with a quick ultrasound and said I would be able to deliver vaginally – as long as no complications arose.

The contractions continued to get worse and were almost on top of each other. She asked if I wanted an epidural. While I was open to change when making my birth plan, I was really hoping that I would not feel the need to have an epidural. Thinking that I was only 5cm, feeling a lot of pressure and believing that there was a long way to go yet, I thought I might need the epidural after all.

Before we got past signing the paperwork for the epidural the doctor decided to check me again…9cm dilated! “Too late for an epidural” I said happily.

Mylo & Daddy cuddling, kangaroo style

“It’s not too late but it may not help you at this point” replied the doctor.

She didn’t understand that I was telling her that I no longer felt the need for the epidural, I wouldn’t have even asked for it if I had known that I would progress so quickly. I was elated to be delivering in Sturgeon Bay, naturally and without any pain medications.

“Do you want to push?” said the doctor.

“Yes. There is so much pressure,” I exclaimed, literally going from breathing through contractions to pushing as the contractions were on top of one another – never subsiding but flowing peak to peak.

Family photo before leaving the NICU

“You can start pushing,” she told me as she walked away to put on her scrubs. She came back minutes later, “I can see the head.”

Once Ryan saw the baby’s head he didn’t stop watching his son, Mylo Thomas Sherman, enter the world! We had arrived at the hospital just after 9am and, with a full head of hair, Mylo was born at 10:44am on Tuesday May 17, 2011 weighing 5 pounds and measuring 18.5 inches. He was 6 weeks and 5 days early but, thanks to the early labor scare at Easter, did not require oxygen and was healthy.

Within a few hours he was transported down to the NICU at St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay where him and I “lived” for the following two and a half weeks. We were able to bring Mylo home on Saturday June 4 and have been loving being able to spend more time with him. He is eating and gaining weight well. Even though I had time to get to know him in the hospital, there is nothing like being able to care for and nurture him at home.

Mylo Relaxing At Home

Ryan was able to get the nursery almost finished while we were in Green Bay and made plenty of time to come visit us; all that is left is the door and a little bit of trim. We were able to arrange and decorate the room together, once Mylo and I were back home.

Being a mom is the best! I couldn’t be more thrilled than I am to share a son with my wonderful husband, best friend and most amazing father Mylo could want!

A big thank you to my co-workers at Peninsula Publishing and Distribution for being so understanding of Mylo’s early arrival and for giving me extended time off to be with him. I am truly grateful for your friendship and kindness.

Check back for more stories about the newest addition to my life in Door County.

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