Here’s a post I wrote last month but didn’t get a chance to post…will explain in the next post.

Well, there is much to say because a lot has changed since my last post. I was finally getting my energy back and started feeling absolutely wonderful when…complications arose.

First, I had two wonderfully amazing baby showers. One on April 2 at the Village Green Lodge, Door County thrown by my parent-in-laws. It was a co-ed shower and we were delighted with around 45 guests from all over the state. There was a taco bar, beer, margarita punch (with tequila to spike it), games, gifts and two beautiful cakes – one shaped like a teddy bear and the other a reminder of our wedding day, carrot. The second was on April 10 at my mother’s home for ladies and babies only. There were over two-dozen of my family members there and some friends to help me get ready for the arrival of baby “Chili.” We had a late lunch filled with a variety of delicious items made possible by my guests and enjoyed a couple hours of fun and games. Ryan was excited to come back and find a unique assortment of gifts for the baby.

It took us weeks to get all the new baby items sorted and put away. Especially since I made another large change happen before the showers – remodeling of the nursery.

Of course, I told Ryan that I just wanted him to do a couple of quick things in the nursery before the baby is born. Logically, having a remodeled nursery before filling it with a crib, dresser, baby toys, and more seemed the right thing to do. My thoughts about removing the closet, which made the room much smaller than it could be, and replacing the plaster and lathe with drywall before adding a new coat of paint and underwater mural were a lot simpler in my mind than in reality. My mom came a few days before the first shower to help Ryan remove the closet and walls because I couldn’t be in the room due to old insulation, which may have contained harsh chemicals harmful to both myself and especially the baby. In no time the “quick” project turned into a complete renovation. The closet was removed only to find that there were patches without carpet and worse yet, the carpet in the closet had been different than the carpet in the room. In addition to the carpet, we found that the wall with the window was moist and had to remove more and more of it in order to find the wet source. As it turned out, the window was not properly installed and had been leaking for some time. We also found that the walls we thought had drywall were actually plaster and lathe covered by drywall. Ultimately, three walls and the carpet were removed completely.

On a positive note, we hadn’t yet order the bathroom window so we were able to add the nursery window to the order and saved over $160 for both windows, which were both installed recently. Ryan did some research and found spray-in insulation that helps as a sound and moisture barrier in addition to keeping the temperature. We were also able to rewire the nursery and remove some very old cloth-wrapped wires that were truly a fire hazard. In the end, it will all be for the better that we took the time to do the needed repairs now before the baby arrives – despite my feeling a little guilty for adding so much work to Ryan’s list and forcing him to work on three rooms at one time.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I have been waiting to prime and paint the nursery, bathroom and laundry room once the drywall is installed. Since we decided to paint before putting any other flooring down, which will save us from worrying about spilling, we were finally getting to a point that my pregnant body could do without too much effort. Then it happened…

Easter morning we woke up at 5am to attend sunrise/cemetery service at the Ephraim Moravian Church. After service we had a delicious breakfast at church, helped clean up and then went to Ryan’s parents house to visit before 10am service. After the second service we went home and relaxed until going to brunch with Ryan’s parents, grandparents, uncle and aunt at the Log Den. When we returned home I was full from the days eating binge. I relaxed on the couch and ended up falling asleep – nap number two. When I woke up I was not feeling well but wasn’t sure why. I ate a little dinner and continued to relax.

A couple hours later, as Ryan and Colin were outside enjoying a bonfire, I went to the bathroom and noticed blood when I wiped. I immediately called Ryan to come inside and then called nurse direct. After speaking with the on-call doctor, Ryan and I headed south so I could be checked in labor and delivery at Ministry Door County Medical Center. Within an hour, I found out that the baby was very low and head down while I was having mild contractions and dilated 1cm. Quickly the doctor came in and explained that I would be transferred to St. Vincent Hospital, Green Bay in case the baby arrived early (they have a wonderful NICU). She also explained that they were going to be giving me IV medications to help stop the contractions, lower my high blood pressure, antibiotics in case I had an infection, and two steroid shots to help the baby’s lung develop. Without question I agreed – despite my dislike of taking anything while pregnant – for the record, I’ve only taken my prenatal vitamins and Tums since finding out I was expecting.

Just after midnight I was in the ParaTran ambulance heading to Green Bay. Ryan left me at the hospital to run home to get a change of cloths, his computer, and a few other things for an overnight stay away from home. Luckily, we had already asked Colin to take Gizmo to Ryan’s parents house – thanks Colin for putting out the fire and making sure our dog was cared for, we really appreciate it!

I had a sleepless night but just kept praying that everything would be okay. With each prayer my blood pressure dropped a little more. Late Monday afternoon the contractions stopped but my blood pressure had still not gone back to normal, although it was decreasing. Tuesday morning my blood pressure was almost back and I was taken off all medications. Happily, I was discharged by 3pm and on my way home.

Unfortunately, once you dilate you can’t undilate so I am on bedrest orders until further notice. I had no idea how hard it would be to relax but try to keep reminding myself that it is just the beginning of the sacrifices that I, as a mother, will make for my child. I am full of energy but have no way to use it – except for writing, reading, and thankfully working from home. The guilt I mentioned feeling about adding so much work to Ryan’s load with the remodeling of the nursery has doubled as he now is solely responsible for all household chores in addition to the few things I was going to do to help get the nursery, bathroom and laundry room completed. While he is the most amazing husband and has been handling everything well, it seems so much for one person to do. At least we are blessed to have family to help.

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