The past three days have brought cold temperatures throughout the country. I pray for those in areas not used to such frigid temperatures and those experiencing other weather complications (such as being in a humid climate, snow storms, etc.) that this arctic freeze passes them quickly and leaves them healthy. Just as many people in Door County do not have air conditioners in their homes because it doesn’t often get unbearably hot and we have wonderful winds to provide natural cooling, there are places where furnaces are not normally needed and therefore, not in homes. For these people the unseasonably cold temperatures have hit hard and I understand how serious their situation is.

Door County has seen it’s coldest temperatures in 19 years. The cold has caused schools to close for three days, which means that the school calendar will have to be redone to accommodate additional days missed by the students – hopefully there will not be future days off due to hazardous snow conditions.

Yes it’s cold and yes children’s safety is important but we live in Wisconsin and it’s winter. I’ve lived in Wisconsin all my life and have often heard complaints from winter outdoor enthusiasts that it’s not cold enough or there’s not enough snow on the ground; admittedly I have even made these complaints some years, like the year it rained on Christmas so it was a brown Christmas instead of white. In addition to those who snowshoe, ski and snowmobile, each year men and women bundle up and take to the woods and water for hunting and ice fishing.

Today, despite school closings, I bundled up my son and took him to Little Lambs Story Time at Shepherd of the Bay Church in Ellison Bay for some much needed social time for him and for myself. It was cold for the short walk from the car to the building and then back a couple hours later but neither of us minded. I told him, “it’s cold outside but we’re tough, we’re from Wisconsin and it’s winter.”

The windchill was bitter and I certainly didn’t spend a lot of time outside these past few days but I still had to work, I expected my employees to work and my husband had to work. Yes some of the fans who sat for hours in the cold watching the Packers vs 49’ers game were crazy but they also showed that there are ways to prevent frostbite and hypothermia by dressing appropriately for the weather.

So while others may complain about the arctic air, I continue to think that days at -12 degrees Fahrenheit make 10 degrees Fahrenheit feel warm. I will survive the winter better by having lived through these cold days. I live in Wisconsin, I expect it to be cold in the winter!