I haven’t posted on here in quite awhile. It was easy to use the excuse that time is too short but short is measurement not an excuse.

I can’t believe how much Mylo has learned in 750 short days. Yes, my little guy is two! He is putting together sentences, today he woke me up and said “ It Friday,” completely unprompted, he’s starting to potty train, loves to play outside, and is becoming more independent each day.

We have been thoroughly enjoying the summer weather and cool spring breezes. We bought and double kayak; we have taken Mylo out once and look forward to many more family adventures. We fixed up the old sandbox that has been in the backyard since our friends grew up in our house (their grandparents owned the property for 30 years before we bought it). When we dug it out we even found a Thundercats toy and Mr. Potato Head tongue within the layers of dirt and sand. Mylo thought the sandbox was the perfect present for his birthday!

After all of the tree troubles we had a couple of years ago, we were proactive and took down some unhealthy trees. While we were sad to see the two tall spruces go, we were happy to finally get rid of the maple stump from the tree that fell on our house and even happier to have all the roots ground. The new open space in our front yard inspired Ryan to dig out the old stonewall and rebuild it, in addition to finally starting to landscape. It will be awesome to see what blooms after this endeavor.

The cottage is still on hold but we are starting to get plans together to finish the outside this summer. We have been spending the time we could have spent on the cottage with friends and family – a Brewers game, birthday parties, family reunion/cookout, Door County Beer Festival, and a lot of other fun get-togethers.

So there’s a little update and I’ll try to make it a short time before I post again, no excuses.