Last year I sat here counting my blessings and, while I have more blessings than ever, I wonder where the time went between then and now.

2011 began with preparation for the coming arrival of our son, who decided to make his entrance into this world sooner than expected. We put the bathroom-remodeling project on hold to tear down and rebuild the nursery before Mylo’s birth but it still wasn’t ready the day he was born. It didn’t help that I spent 3 weeks on bed rest starting Easter evening. Although I did enjoy the much-needed time off my feet and a few books, the lack of exercise and not being able to help my husband prepare for our son was hard to handle. Thank you Ryan for taking such good care of us while I was laid up. Also, a big thanks to Colin, Garrett, Brian and my mom, Jane, for helping to get the nursery completed so that Mylo was able to come home to his room.

The night of Mylo’s birth was the longest of my life, as we slept at two different hospitals one hour apart. After 18 days of 10-12 hours in the NICU plus 1 hour of driving, Ryan and I were finally able to bring Mylo home.

First Family Christmas

While there is no place other than by Mylo’s bedside I would have been as he got strong enough to leave the hospital, those were the toughest days of my life.

The months that followed are slightly blurry because Mylo’s prematurity required extra doctor visits, blood tests, specialists and a monitor system on top of the normal newborn needs. Between diaper changes, feedings, bathing, playing and occasionally nap time, our lives were enriched beyond my beliefs.

By September we were finally getting into the groove of being parents; Mylo was sleeping through the night and no longer on the monitor or needing extra doctor visits and blood tests. In November we were told we no longer needed to see a specialist – a wonderful reason to be thankful. Baby’s first Christmas further reinforced the fact that Mylo is growing and developing well with each present that he opened.

Whirlpool Tub Installed and Working!

I am so glad that I made time to be the mother Mylo needs and took time to lose myself in snuggles and the wonderment I constantly see in his eyes.

In addition to becoming proud parents, Ryan and I finished Mylo’s nursery and have completed 99 percent of the bathroom.

And, in between it all, we were sure to make a little time for each other and ourselves.

Looking back, this year may have seemed to go by quickly with an ever-growing baby boy but it was long enough to be filled with accomplishments, laughter and above all love!