24 weeks

Well the past few months have led to many changes in my household. In addition to my growing belly, I have felt more and more kicks/punches from Baby “Chili.” As spring and summer get closer, we get more and more excited about our coming arrival. At five and half months pregnant, I am glad the weather is improving so that I can start wearing sandals.

New Plumbing

Ryan continues to diligently work on remodeling the bathroom. He has completed running new plumbing for the entire house and new electrical wiring for the bathroom and laundry room. The new sub-floor has been laid and final preparations are being made to get the next layer of flooring installed. Progress may seem slow but Ryan’s well-thought-out planning will make future remodeling projects easier, as will his thoroughness and attention to detail.

The season is changing along with my body and our bathroom. It is an exciting time in our lives as we begin a new chapter of life. I look forward to continuing to share this journey with you.