While I remember canning applesauce as a child, the specifics of it escaped me. Recently, we were blessed with a wonderful apple harvest and canning became a necessity to preserve pounds of apples. Luckily, I have an old-fashioned applesauce strainer. Despite my lack of specific directions, the first and second batches came out fantastic.

On the other hand, my apple pie filling did not work out as expected. Vague directions lead me to over syrup the apples. This worked slightly to my advantage as the recipe said 2 quarts are needed for one pie; now I only need to use one-quart jar with additional fresh apples. It will mean that I have to mix my sweet, delicious Door County apples with ones purchased at the store in the off-season but at least none of the apples we harvested this fall will go to waste.

Applesauce and Apple Pie Filling

I made an apple pie the other day, mixing one-quart of pie filling with about 24 apples. The pie rose inches above the 10” pie pan, I was even able to make a cool sunburst with my cuts in the wheat crust. For my second apple pie, I received excellent feedback – high fives and “perfect crust” comments – thank you taste testers!

In addition to canning, we also dehydrated some to make apple chips. Since we can freeze the chips, we made gallons of them and even shared with friends. My canning inexperience has not stopped us from testing the waters and is truly rewarding. We are looking forward to harvesting more apples next year and expanding our canning quantity.

Made with handpicked Door County apples.