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New Mailbox

In winter, we received a notice from our mail-carrier that we needed to raise our mailbox. We could do nothing about it until the weather was warmer. Spring came, as did another note.

There was no way that we could salvage the existing mailbox so we started to make plans for a new one. We bought a new box and began drawing designs. Then, the maple tree came crashing down on our plans. We had barely cleaned up after the first half of the tree when the remaining portion fell. The incident took us about two months to handle and we still have a few things to mend.

As cool weather has been approaching, we realized the mailbox couldn’t continue to wait. We made our lumber list and purchased supplies. We came home and started building.

New Mailbox

On Thursday, we worked from the afternoon until the end of dusk; sawing and screwing. Ryan had drawn blueprints and we worked together to measure twice and cut once. We used 2″x6″ Cedar boards for the flower box, a 4″x4″ post, and 2″x6″ pressure treated boards for support. We dug and leveled the flower box base just off the shoulder of the road. On Saturday morning, we finished assembling the supports to the post and got them situated in the base.

One trip to Nelson’s True Value and we were ready to install the mailbox. A big thanks to Maria at the Sister Bay Mobile for an awesome lunch! We really enjoyed the short break before the final stages of building.

In addition to installing the mailbox, we also attached “The Sherman’s” sign. We are so proud to be able to display a piece of Ryan’s family heritage on our new post. It was his grandparents sign from their southern Door County home, High Cliff.

In the end, the project reminded me how much two people can accomplish when they work together. And what a wonderfully handy husband I have!

On Saturday we were delighted to see Ryan’s graduating class of 2000 at the AC Tap. We had so much fun catching up and getting to know his classmates and their significant others. Pulled pork sandwiches, homemade mac ‘n’ cheese with bacon, amazing pasta salad, excellent veggie tray, and more filled our bellies.

Ashley, Rachel and Eric did a wonderful job planning, decorating, and making sure everyone had a blast! Beer Pong, tippy cup and bag toss capped off the festivities.

It reminded me why I love living in a small area. You may not see some people for years but somehow you begin right where you left.

Some of my fondest memories are going to southern Door County with my mother, brother and grandmother,  filling large coolers full of cherries, stopping to have lunch at a wayside, and then returning home to pit them. Many years had past between my childhood visits and my current love of the area.

My husband, Ryan moved to the area just before his 13th birthday when his parents purchased the Village Green Lodge in Ephraim. He attended Gibraltar High School in Fish Creek before going to Carroll College (now Carroll University). After graduating with his Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science in 2004, he started working at Paragon Development Systems (PDS).

Mr. & Mrs. Sherman with Celebrant Rev. Scott Sherman

Working at PDS required Ryan to move from Waukesha to Madison. Thanks to our wonderful and mutual friend, Phoebe, we met during spring my junior year at UW-Madison. On our first date Ryan said, “I’m going to Door County this weekend, would you like to come?” I asked, “Where do you stay when you’re there?” He responded, “My parents live there.” With additional encouragement, I met his parents a few days later.

Our first trip together was amazing. We hiked, went bowling, did more hiking, swimming, and hit the music and bar scene. I still tease him that Door County men get their wives to move here by introducing them to the county early in their relationship; the beauty is so stunning that we never want it to go away. We visited his parents and friends as often as we could until I graduated.

Ryan moved to New Berlin and I joined him after graduating. He proposed a couple of nights before we moved into our first (and only) apartment. We could think of no better place to start our lives as husband and wife than in Door County.

We were married at the Ephraim Moravian Church September 6, 2008 by Ryan’s uncle, Rev. R. Scott Sherman, and had our reception at the Gordon Lodge in Baileys Harbor. Cocktails and hors du ‘oeuvres were served at Ryan’s parents home and the Village Green Lodge. The weather was gorgeous and made the perfect setting for our trolley ride through Peninsula State Park after the ceremony.

Our love of each other was heightened by our love of the land that day. We kept it in the back of our minds that we would move here, someday. Someday quickly became today. We began visiting more and more often. Ryan and I were looking for homes and not satisfied with what we found in the Milwaukee area. We starting looking in Door County and soon found our perfect house.


I moved to Ephraim at the end of August and starting working for Ryan’s parents. Ryan had some loose ends to tie up at PDS before changing positions within the company in order to work from home. With a little finagling, we were able to purchase our home on this beautiful peninsula and we spent Halloween transporting our 75-gallon saltwater fish tank.

Since moving here, I can list countless experiences that have increased my fondness for this community. We truly look forward to sharing the blessings we have found here with you.

To see more photos of our wedding visit our photo album.